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Blank Envelopes

Demand Letter

A Demand Letter is a written document that makes a formal request for some damage. It is typically used in situations where a party is seeking to resolve a dispute or obtain compensation for some harm or injury that has been suffered. Demand letters are often sent by individuals or businesses to request payment for a debt, to seek compensation for damages, or to request that an action be taken by the recipient. They may also be used to request the return of property or to seek a resolution to a problem. Demand letters are usually the first step in a formal legal process and are often used as a way to try to avoid the need for litigation.
Features included in Demand Letter:
Demand letters are presented in a letter format addressing the defendants insurance company which includes details such as further medical expenses, paid bills, narrative summarization of medical records, facts, and liability details. 
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Demand Letter
We thank you in advance for considering EXEYGEN for your medical record review needs. We look forward to working with you.
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