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Narrative Summary

A medico-legal narrative summary is a document that provides a detailed and comprehensive account of an individual's medical history, treatment, and any related legal proceedings. It is typically used in a legal setting, such as in personal injury or malpractice cases, to provide evidence and support for a particular position or argument.

The narrative summary should include information about the individual's medical history, including any pre-existing conditions, past treatments and medications, and the circumstances leading up to the current medical event or issue. It should also provide a detailed description of the medical event or issue itself, including the treatment received and any outcomes or complications.

Features included in Narrative Summary
  1. Our physicians will analyze the medical records and elaborate the significant events of the case. They will provide the  detailed questions and answers format inclusive of relevant abstracts, references, citation points and will conclude with the statement of merit/demerit in the case.
  2. Our physicians will provide adequate evidence on every part of the law element; namely, the breach, the injury, the causation, and the duty of care.
Narrative Summary
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