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Medical Chronology

A medical chronology is a detailed timeline of a person's medical history. This Includes significant dates and events, such as office visits, hospitalizations and treatments provided.It can provide information about a person's medical history and treatment.

Demand Letter

A demand letter is often sent as a request for a payment, action, or to reach a settlement outside of court with the aim of resolving a conflict or to avoid further legal action.They are typically used in situations involving contract disputes, personal injury claims, and other types of civil disputes.

Narrative Summary

It provides an overview of the plot and important details, without including every detail or subplot. The purpose of a narrative summary is to give a reader a general understanding of the story, without necessarily providing all the specifics.

Deposition Summary

A deposition summary is a concise, factual, and precise summary of the key ideas from the deposition transcript. A deposition transcript refers to the recorded statements of the witness about everything he knows about a particular case.

Medical Opinion

Our physicians give an opinion on the medical case with valid reasoning and inferences in a question and answer format. we also present this data in a way that a non-medical person could understand, along with references from standard medical books or literature.

Masstort Case Screening

A mass tort is a legal case involving numerous plaintiffs who have been injured or suffered harm as a result of the same defendant's actions. These cases are typically complex and can involve a large number of parties, including individuals, companies, and government entities.

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